Volunteer Opportunities

As the largest volunteer-driven, non-profit health and education program in the nation, 9Health Fair appreciates and relies on the contributions of our volunteers to ensure all our operations are running smoothly. Our volunteers are the driving force that ensures Coloradans are getting the vital health information they need to become more aware of, and responsible for, their health – which in turn, helps saves many lives.

Volunteer Roles

Site Coordinator

    • Objective: Oversee and direct the 9Health Fair site, this individual is the primary point of contact between the site and 9Health Fair staff
    • Qualifications: Highly organized, outstanding communication skills, understands and oversees training and implementation of 9Health Fair standards and protocols

Medical Volunteer

    • Objective: Oversees all medical aspects of the 9Health Fair and ensures that the medical screeners follow the protocols written by the 9Health Fair Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) to ensure a high standard of quality
    • Qualifications: Professional credentials: MD, DO, NP, Certified Paramedic, RN, PA, EMT, LPN, DMD or DDS. Depending on skills and licensure, other medical credentials may be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Highly organized, outstanding communication skills, and understands/abides by 9Health Fair standards and protocols

Non-Medical Coordinator

    • Objective: Oversee non-medical aspects of the 9Health Fair
    • Qualifications: Organized, outstanding communication skills, and understands/abides by 9Health Fair standards and protocols

Publicity Coordinator

    • Objective: To promote and publicize 9Health Fair within the local community
    • Qualifications: Has knowledge of community resources & publicity/public relations

District Coordinator

    • Objective: To oversee health fair sites in your Metro District.  To ensure sites receive all essential information pertaining to deadlines, protocols, equipment and supplies, etc.
      • District Coordinator are typically working with a group of District leaders to support 3 to 10 Metro area fairs with logistics and day-of-the-fair support
      • The Districts include: Denver North, Denver South, Aurora, Arapahoe/Douglas, Boulder/Broomfield, Adams, Jeffco North, and Jeffco South

Non - Medical Volunteer

    • Responsibilities can vary from helping as an ambassador, registration/check-in, collecting surveys, parking lot attendance and more!

Medical Volunteer

    • Screenings that medical volunteers can cover vary from doing blood draws, foot screening, skin screening, oral health, bone density, blood pressure and more!  The screenings that a person can help to conduct will vary based your certifications and experience performing these screenings.

Emerging Leaders

  • 9Health started a Young Professionals group called the ‘Emerging Leaders’ in January of 2017.  These volunteers have formed a group of leaders to find more young professionals that would like to volunteer, support with Health Education to younger populations and partner with us in fundraising efforts.


    • Many 9Health Fair sites have participants attend that prefer to speak another language (most frequently, Spanish), so interpreters are useful in helping to guide these people all the way through a fair and assist them in communicating during registration and at each screening that would like to take advantage of.

Office Volunteers

    • We need help with the following positions in the 9Health Fair office –
      • Hotlines – volunteers that answer phones calls during our heavy times of the every
      • Finance – support with receiving and organizing materials that were sent to sites for Cashiering
      • Data Entry – we have large amounts of data coming back to the 9Health office from volunteers that run each site, so we need support inputting this information

Group Volunteers

  • Whether you are a student group, service group or corporate group we can utilize your help!
    • Medical Student groups – you are required to have a proctor with you while performing any medical screening at the 9Health Fair locations
    • Service and Corporate Groups – most sites cannot take groups of large then 10 individuals.  Be sure to sign-up early (Volunteer Registration Opens in February for Spring fairs and in August for Fall fairs), so you have a better chance of getting your entire group placed at one fair location.

Special Event Volunteers

    • Sometimes we are need of volunteers 9News for Volunteer Line9 Calls
    • Events such as: Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, Fundraisers, tabling events at Universities and other locations and more!

Volunteer FAQs

What kind of volunteer positions are available?

    • We have a variety of volunteer positions available at 9Health Fair sites and in the 9Health Fair office, including:
      • Day-of-Fair Medical Volunteers
      • Day-of-Fair Non-Medical Volunteers
      • Site Medical Coordinator
      • Site Non-Medical Coordinator
      • Site Publicity Coordinators
      • District Team Leaders
      • Group Volunteers
      • Interpreters
      • Medical Office Volunteers
      • Hotline Volunteers
      • Special Events Volunteers
      • Year-Round Volunteers

Do I need a certain level of experience to be a volunteer?

    • Yes and no. Our volunteer positions require different levels of experience. For instance, we need registered nurses, nurse aides, emergency medical technicians, physician’s assistants, physical therapists, etc. to fill our medical volunteer positions. However, we have many non-medical positions for volunteers to carry out a variety of responsibilities, including registration, directing participants, serving refreshments and much more. For more information about our volunteer opportunities and requirements, click here.

How long does volunteering usually last?

    • Most of the time we ask volunteers to participate from 6:00 AM until 1:00 PM during a 9Health Fair (or multiple 9Health Fairs). Depending on whether you want to volunteer multiple times or have more responsibility, volunteer times may vary. If you’re interested in a year-round position, please contact the volunteer engagement department at (303) 698-4455 or (800) 332-3078 for more information.

How can I get more information about health screenings and assessments before I volunteer?

  • Your role is vital to 9Health Fair! We have an online education course funded by a grant from the Colorado Trust. For more information about what to expect and to access this course, click here.

Regardless of your skill set or experience level, we have a volunteer opportunity for you.
Call (303) 698-4455 to discuss your future involvement with 9Health Fair.

We have additional volunteer opportunities for upcoming special events, outreach programs and year-round positions if you are interested in continuing to help your community on a long-term basis. Please call our Volunteer Engagement Department at (303) 698-4455 to discuss the opportunity you seek.