FREE Refresher Courses for 9Health Fair Phlebotomy Volunteers!

Refresher courses provide an opportunity for 9Health Fair volunteers with recent blood draw experience to review steps for safe and sterile phlebotomy techniques, and to learn the 9Health Fair protocol, standards and expectations, along with hands-on use of the 9Health Fair approved equipment and supplies.  Students, recent graduates, and medical volunteers who have not been active in the field of phlebotomy for 6 months are highly encouraged to attend a refresher course. This course does NOT teach how to draw blood or award any type of certification.
Who is Eligible to Attend?
  • Attendees must be registered to volunteer at a 9Health Fair site.  To register, visit our volunteer page today!
  • Attendees should have recent blood-draw experience (recommended within the last 2 years)
  • Phlebotomy students are welcome to volunteer as long as they have an instructor on site*
What Does it Cost?
  • Absolutely nothing. Courses are FREE! 
Do I Need to RSVP?
  • No RSVP is required. Please note that some sessions are open house format and others have a set start time.  You are free to drop into the open house refreshers at any time.  If you choose the set time refresher please observe the start time.

Refresher Course Dates, Times and Locations

There are no refresher courses scheduled at this time. Please check back in the spring. 


Call or e-mail Bobbie Dougherty ([email protected] or 303-698-4455).

*9Health Fair Student Policy: Instructors should supervise no more than 4-8 students at a time. Students should have at least 25 successful sticks and passed competency with their instructor.