Why 9Health Fair? It’s Convenient and Affordable!

There are several reasons to attend 9Health Fair. Two of the biggest reasons are convenience and affordability.

Convenience – Most of the time when you need to go to the doctor, you typically have to go during the workday. With many of our fairs happening over the weekend, you can avoid missing work. Once you get your test results back, you’ll know if you actually need to take time off to go to your doctor.

Depending on what comes back in your results, you still may not need to go to a doctor. For instance, if you see your cholesterol or glucose is starting to creep up, you know that it’s time to start making healthy modifications to your diet. You don’t need a doctor to tell you that. With 9Health Fair, you only have to go to the doctor if it’s necessary.

Affordability – Many of our screenings are free, and those that do cost are still usually less than what you pay at the doctor’s office. For instance, our blood chemistry screening is not only very affordable, but it tests for 28 different baseline levels. That’s far more than you usually get when you get blood work done at the doctor’s office. Once you get your results, you can easily share them with your doctor without having to even stop by their office – saving you time and money.

When you attend a 9Health Fair, you’re taking responsibility for your health. You’ll have access to an array of affordable and convenient comprehensive screenings and interactive educational centers to empower you to make healthy decisions for your life and future.

9Health Fair gives you tools for healthy living:

  • Professional medical screenings
  • Wellness resources

4 Ways 9Health Fair Empowers You to Own Your Health

Get the most out of life. Find which high quality screenings are right for you.

No matter what happens in health care, 9Health Fair can help you save money. Register for a fair today!

Whether you have insurance or not, 9Health Fair is for you. Join 70,000 Coloradans like you who choose 9Health Fair every year. Registration is just a click away.

Each year, over 135 communities host a 9Health Fair. Most fairs are open from 7am-noon. Find a fair near you!

“Because of the consistency of the results, of watching the numbers, seeing the results, looking at trends, it was very helpful. Having that continuity was helpful.” Michael Wiebe, 9Health Fair Participant

About 9Health Fair

Our History

While traveling around the United States in the late 1970s, physician John F. Brensike noticed a lot of interest for screening services.

If you’ve never attended one of our fairs before, you may have questions. If so, we have answers.