While the research fair itself has passed, the research is still ongoing. Below are videos on the variety of research projects currently underway at CU Anschutz that you might be interested in participating in.

Asthma Research

Rheumatoid Arthritis Research

Spondyloarthritis Research

Exercise & Hunger Research

Maintaining Weight Loss Study

B.U.R.S.T Research

Weight Loss Study

Weight Research

Asthma Research – 1-844-365-0852 or [email protected]

Spondyloarthritis – 303-724-3537 or [email protected]

Maintaining Weight Loss Study – http://j.mp/2qK6ZAw

Weight Loss Study – [email protected]

Rheumatoid Arthritis Research – www.stop-ra.org

B.U.R.S.T Research – [email protected]

Why Research Is Important

Research helps us:

  • Understand more about diseases
  • Learn about new ways of treating and preventing disease
  • Understand why some people get sick and others do not
  • Can help us catch illness before they become harder to treat
  • Helps us learn more about new and better medicines, surgeries that are more effective, and vaccinations to help prevent diseases
  • Research can also help us learn new ways of doing things to be healthier – you see this when you hear about weight loss research, exercise research, and research about stopping smoking

Some research studies are looking at medicines and how they work and if they work, while other studies may study people with a certain disease to try and learn more about that disease.  There are some research studies that need normal people from the community to participate to compare to.  Research is important to help us learn more about disease, health and how to treat it and to do this researchers need volunteers to participate in research studies to help learn more about the diseases people get and how to treat and prevent them.